Automated or Manual Data Entry- Which side are you on?


Automated or manual data entry? Which one you prefer? Well, if you think that you are perfect and your performance will be optimal, despite the repetitive nature of work, you could go the manual route. The fact is since human error is ubiquitous and inevitable, it makes sense to automate data entry processes. This is one of the pre-requisites to drive IT business and brand growth. The following blog discusses the various aspects of automated and manual data entry systems.

  • Time and Productivity

There is little doubt that collecting data from different sources and then entering it manually is a time consuming process. A way to resolve this issue is by automating this process. Also, the repetitive nature of work is bound to make your staff less productive. This is obvious since your staff will eventually get burdened after entering data for hundreds of time. Less productivity from your staff is something that you simply cannot afford in today’s competitive environment. So in order to bring efficiency and improve productivity in their work, automating the process is the need of the hour.

If you have an ecommerce store that is integrated with your accounting software such as Quickbooks, it will certainly make things easier as information will automatically flow between the two systems and synchronize all business operations. Quickbooks integration with your ecommerce website is the key to optimize various processes in your business.

Ecommerce integration with your existing back end systems will automate the flow of information between systems and ensure that you provide better service to your customers.

  •  Data Accuracy

Typographical errors are a given when you prefer manual entry of data. People are often offered minimum salary for data entry job. Initially this may appear cost effective for you but the cost of rectifying errors associated with manual entry soon becomes increasingly expensive. So it is not just accuracy issues but even the cost associated with manual data entry is a cause for concern.

The fact remains that error rate is high in manual data entry system. Even in VAR-related business, manually creating sales is prone to errors. In general, an easy way to significantly reduce errors would be to use automated data entry. With automation, work is done correctly that too by hiring just a few people. As far as generating sales quotes are concerned, you can always rely on automated sales quoting tools that can allow you to create a sales quote within minutes.

  • Real time Access

Lack of real-time access capabilities is one of the biggest advantages of using manual systems.  Automated software behaves like real-time operating systems that provide information in real time. In automated data processing, hardly any time delays are introduced, which means any information updated can be accessed immediately. The requirement for a real-time system such as Autotask – a cloud-based platform is the need of the hour. Autotask integrationwith your existing CRM or ERP system can work wonders to organize, automate, and synchronize all your business requirements. This in turn can help you to grow your IT business.

  • Automatic Alerts

Keeping track of efficiency and effectiveness is no easy job in manual data entry methods. A few months into manual processing and it would be very difficult to evaluate work efficiencies. However, with automation software, you can get notifications in case of any system failures. These automatic alerts will help you to respond quickly and improve efficiency.

  • Amount of Work

Initially, you might not face any difficulty in entering the data manually, probably because the records to be added are limited due to a small project. However for large projects or as your work increases, you are likely to have a large data file, making manual data entry process cumbersome and time consuming. In such circumstances, you need to use software that automates the data entry process.

On the whole, inconsistency and duplication of data entry, time consuming nature of work, and room for errors are some of the major disadvantages of following manual data entry methods. However, by instituting automation, your office staff will work more efficiently and effectively, thereby helping to optimize your IT business.


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