When Should you Incorporate CPQ Software into your Business


When your business organization follows a complex sales process, it becomes imperative to use a CPQ tool. To be more precise, when you are offering a wide range of product configurations, automating the process with the help of a CPQ software is a must. Manual quotations using Excel sheets are no easy job. With CPQ software, you can transform your quoting process from a time-consuming bottleneck to a cost-effective and effortless task. So creating a custom product configuration quickly can be one of the easiest activity you could ever imagine.

With a CPQ tool, all your quoting-related information is available at one place. Hence, there is no need to use disparate systems that are likely to result in pricing errors. When your business is growing and order volume is significant, using Excel Sheets can be a headache. Scalability is a major issue with Excel sheets. Hence, it is rightly said that you can begin your business with Excel sheets but never scale with them.

When you use a Configure price quote software, you will understand how easy it is to create new and modify existing product configurations. It gives you complete control over your product configuration and pricing system. You no longer have to compromise on margins while selling complex products.

Apart from managing pricing discrepancies effectively and protecting margins, CPQ software ensures workflow is streamlined and time is saved. You are able to prepare orders faster without worrying about possible errors. All this helps in cutting sales cost and increasing business revenue.

Also, with CPQ tools, you have access to up-to-date product configurations. As a result, sales reps are aware of what products have been discontinued at the time of creating quotes. It also suggest what products can be given in place of discontinued products. This is particularly useful for large companies who have huge inventory.


Boost Your Sales and Productivity using CRM Software

Smartphone - Global Communication ConceptStarting an Online ecommerce store will definitely help to increase sales but if you integrate your online platform with CRM, it will help you to anticipate your customers’ needs. This in turn will enable you to provide better customer service, which may further improve your company’s sales performance.

Here’s how a CRM software can benefit your business:

You Provide Higher Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is paramount for any business to succeed. It helps to generate greater returns and increases profitability. This is what you can achieve using this software tool. With CRM software, you can get deep insights into customer’s needs. You are able to know your customers better in terms of their product choices and preferences. As a result, you are able to work efficiently and provide better services to meet their needs.

Using CRM data you are able to provide customers something beyond what is expected. This results in greater customer satisfaction, which in turn will boost repurchasing behavior and increase sales. Moreover, customer gives positive feedback about your company. Indirectly, there is positive word-of-mouth advertising about your business, which can make it easier for you to acquire new customers and grow business.

You Build More Effective Marketing Campaigns

The key to better marketing campaign is to identify and target potential buyers. With CRM software for small business providing information about customer buying behavior, you are able to figure out opportunity for potential sale. The information that you get from CRM will enable you to identify the customers that bring you the most revenue.

The Best CRM system for small business will help you to do more focused targeting and generate more conversions. It will allow you to fine tune your marketing strategies so as to get a better response from your efforts. Moreover with this software tool, you can also identify your top performing email campaigns. Depending upon your analysis, you can reuse and recycle campaigns that were found to be most effective.

Reasons Why you Should Use a Cloud-based CRM System

Analyst Working on LaptopYou Save Money

In today’s times, many organizations are using the Best web-based CRM software solutions, the main reason being lower upfront cost. Cloud-based CRM tools are managed by service providers at their end. Hence as a user, you don’t have to really worry about the expenses associated with hardware or server maintenance. You have only pay a fixed monthly price in order to use the software. With no equipment on-site, use of cloud-based CRM often leads to significant cost savings.

Automatic Updates

Say good-bye to tedious reinstallation when you embrace cloud-based Best CRM system for small business. Since your requirements are evolving, you might want to add new features to your CRM for customization. This can be done easily as changes can be sent automatically via Internet from the service provider’s server.

Installation is as easy as Plug and Play

With an online CRM tool, you don’t have to spend enormous amount of time in getting your software installed. Since the software is already available on the Internet, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps to access the application online. Simpler installation and maintenance is an important benefit of cloud CRM.

Conduct Business Faster

An online CRM software tool can give a major boost to your productivity. Online availability means you can manage your CRM data on the run. As a sales rep, you are no longer tied to office building in order to access CRM data. So now you can connect your device (laptops, smartphones, tablets) to Internet and access CRM data on the go.

You can manage your customer relationships irrespective of whether you are in or out of the office. It gives you the flexibility to monitor your CRM data from the phone. This can certainly help to get their work done faster and more effectively irrespective of their location. With sales reps travelling frequently, a mobile CRM is the ideal solution that will ensure a high level of productivity for such employees who are always on the move.



Features that make Sales Quoting Tool Highly Effective for Use

2 meUse any one of the Best online quoting tools and you will understand how easy it is to manage the quoting process. Features in these tools are designed in such a way that you can create quotes the way you want as per your requirements. Moreover their functionality is such that you face no issues connecting them to your business system.

Following are some of the important features of this quoting tool: 

Seamless Integration with Existing Software Platforms

Integration is critical for seamless flow of data between different systems. Sales quoting tools are designed to integrate effortlessly with your existing Business management solution, which eliminates tedious and repetitive data entry. This means the information that is entered in the software tool gets transferred to your existing business system in a single click. So you can create a powerful integration between Sales quoting software and your CRM, your ERP, which will ensure that data entry in quoting tool gets automatically updated in other systems.

Support for Multiple Templates

The Sales quoting software has an enormous library of predefined templates that you can choose to create your sales quotes. Moreover, you can always edit these templates so as to customize it as per your requirements. For instance, you can add logo, company details etc to the quote document.

You can also customize theme template so that it suits your business atmosphere. You can also increase readability by customizing font colors that stand out from the background. It is also possible to change font size that is large enough to be readable on both desktops and mobile devices.


The sales quoting tool dashboard is primarily designed to provide information about key customers at a glance. For instance, you can know how much revenue your key customers have generated till date from total orders in the current year. In short, it depicts the business performance by showing the number of quotes, carts, and orders generated by respective customers.

Incorporate CRM System into your Business to keep your Customers Happy

22 mbWhen it comes to keeping track of your customer interactions, you can always rely on a CRM software tool. Organizations commonly use this software product for client communication. Investing in a CRM system for small business or large enterprise is sure to have a positive impact on customer service. The tool gives deep insights into customer behavior from one place, which can be useful in understanding what changes in your products and services have to be done in order to improve customer satisfaction.

Understanding customer needs is one of the main reason why CRM software is used by small and large businesses. Using the tool, you can collect information related to their concerns/issues and wants. Many organizations integrate customer surveys into their CRM to find out the level of satisfaction and the factors impacting it.

This sort of customer feedback is extremely valuable for any organization. A CRM tool can help you to centralize this data so that it can be accessed by everyone in the organization. This will help your organization to identify how you have met their expectations and what customizations can be implemented in order meet their requirements. In short, it will assist to take data driven decisions that help to strengthen customer relationships.

Managing client data becomes much simpler when you use CRM software. You can view customer messages (feedback) that are sent directly to every account, thereby giving you the opportunity to respond in a timely manner. Quick response, as you know, can leave a lasting impact on customers and make them happy.

You can also leverage customer data stored in the system to send personal messages such as Birthday card or special offers. These personal touches make the customer feel valued and special, which can also help to increase loyalty.

On the whole, a CRM system will help you to organize, view, and edit customer data at one place in the most efficient way. This will give improved understanding of their issues. Accordingly, you can enhance your service, which in turn can increase customer loyalty.

Tips to Consider when Selecting an Ecommerce Platform

ecommerce-1706104__340A pre-requisite to succeed in online business is to choose an appropriate Ecommerce platform that will handle all the aspects of online shopping in the most effective manner. Various factors come into play when it comes to choosing the right online platform. It is much more than getting a store with economical pricing or one that provides a great shopping experience.

Following are the 3 main parameters that should be kept in mind when choosing the right Online ecommerce solution.


It is proven that the speed of your site has an impact on your sales. Slow page load time can drastically reduce conversions. For instance, online shoppers tend to abandon sites that do not load in less than 3 seconds. Moreover, website speed is also an important factor in Google ranking algorithms. So it won’t be wrong to conclude that every second your site takes to load is costing you. How fast your site loads can make a huge difference in your conversion rate. So make sure that the ecommerce platform you choose has a fast loading time. Also do all that is necessary in order to reduce your load times.

Built-in Modules

Apart from offering basic features like customization, shopping cart functionality and integration with payment gateways, the B2C or B2B ecommerce software should also come with a range of built-in modules like CRM. This will ensure that you no longer have to adopt and then integrate a third-party CRM system into your platform. Integration is a complicated task, so save your time and money by using platforms that come with built-in CRM module.

Many also look for platforms that come with built-in SEO and marketing tools as they help to achieve higher search rank. These tools help to increase awareness and drive more visitors to your site. Some platforms offer add-on features that allow you to place your product catalog into shopping comparison sites which can also contribute to bring more traffic.

Open Source Vs. Cloud-based

With open source B2B or B2C ecommerce software solution giving complete access to source code, you can customize it the way you want. Moreover, you don’t have to depend on any expert as you can yourself change the code and fix bugs. However, it has major drawbacks; for instance unskilled users are unlikely to make changes in source code, which mean expert assistance is a must. Moreover, you will require your own servers and additional infrastructure in order to run and manage the platform.

On the other hand, cloud-based platforms are much easier to manage and maintain. This is because all the infrastructure to support the platform resides on the vendor side. You just need Internet connectivity to your device (desktop and even smartphones) for using the platform.

What are the Different Types of CPQ Tools

15startup-As we all know, a CPQ software comes into picture when requirements demand you to prepare complex quotations. Building a complex product configuration after considering all the possible combinations and moreover calculating its correct price can be a daunting task. But if you want to simplify your process, you can completely rely on this software tool that will enable sales reps to handle complexities of potential deal easily.

Now there are two main types of Configure Price Quote solutions – cloud-based or SaaS software applications, and the second one is the on premise or the in-house solutions. If you go for on-premise version, you need to install the CPQ tool on your company’s own servers. A lot has to be invested in infrastructure that includes hardware, network, backup and maintenance. As far as accessibility is concerned, in most cases they can be accessed from installation locations only.

Cloud-based CPQ tools are typically hosted on the vendor’s server and are made available through the Internet. This type of delivery model is most preferred as it comes with low initial cost and allows you to operate the tool as long as the device is connected to the Web. In majority of cases, sales reps in VAR business are not office-based, hence it makes sense to use cloud-based Sales quoting software solutions. Such tools are easily accessible, no matter where you are located or what type of device you are using.

These tools will allow your sales reps to create quotes on the go as most CPQ providers also offer simplified mobile extension of their current version of quoting module. So using mobile devices, you can access inventory and pricing coming from all your connected suppliers. This mobile app or one may say mobile quoting software will enable you to fulfill some of the most complex requirements from anywhere, anytime. This will reduce sales cycle and enable sales reps close deals faster.