What is an Adaptable PunchOut Catalog?

Adaptable PunchOut Catalog

Consider this: As a supplier, you have multiple B2B customers, each using a different procurement system for purchasing. This can be a tricky situation. If all customers are using the same procurement system – say Ariba, it becomes much easier to setup PunchOut catalog for all customers. However, when every customer is using a different procurement system, does it mean you have to setup a separate PunchOut connection? Absolutely not if you are using adaptable PunchOut catalog technology.

Irrespective of the type of procurement system your customer is using, you really don’t have to provide a different PunchOut catalog. So even if multiple customers are using multiple procurement systems, you still have to create just one ‘Master PunchOut Catalog that can be integrated with any procurement system. Moreover, each customer will have access to his unique contract items and pricing only.

Adaptable PunchOut catalog technology eliminates the need to create a separate PunchOut catalog from scratch for a different procurement system. Consider this: You have 7 customers that are using Ariba, PeopleSoft, SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle, Coupa and Sciquest respectively. Now to connect these customers via their procurement system does not mean you have to create 7 different PunchOut catalogs. You have to create just one catalog which can be connected to dozens of procurement systems in a unique way.

Moreover, each customer gets access to his own PunchOut catalog, which is unique in terms of product content. Non-contract products and pricing are not visible to the customer. So with this technology, with just one Master catalog, you can quickly create customized PunchOut catalog solution on the fly for that customer. The technology is adaptable and offers multiple platform connectivity. You can quickly implement PunchOut Catalog in days, no matter what procurement system your customers are using. No spending weeks to create custom catalogs.


When will PunchOut Need Arise

PunchOut Need Arise

When a B2B customers wants to access his supplier catalog through his procurement system, the technology that can help to achieve it is PunchOut. A PunchOut connection allows the customers to reach his contract catalog without browsing through the rest of the site in a single click. However, suppliers are often in two minds when to make PunchOut ready websites.

When will the Need for PunchOut Implementation Arise for Suppliers

When the supplier catalog has excessively high number of products, it doesn’t make sense to use CIF catalog as a lot of time is spent in loading the catalog. Moreover when the supplier catalog content is being modified, a CIF catalog again can become a headache. In fact, a CIF catalog is a bad option when catalog content requires frequent change.

The solution to all these issues is to use PunchOut catalog, which is designed to simplify your process. Whether it is updating product information or loading high volume of catalog content, it can be done effortlessly and quickly with PunchOut. Moreover, as a supplier, you have to display product configurations to your customers. In this case too, a CIF catalog does not have any provision to show configurations as the products are displayed in in-line format.

With PunchOut, you can show as well as allow your customers to create configurations as per their requirements. So suppliers who want to sell complex products to their B2B customers need to use this technology to simplify their business transactions.

Of course, if your supplier catalog has well below 1000 items and changes in product data rarely occur, there is absolutely no harm in using CIF catalog. However, in today’s times, a supplier catalog is unlikely to have static information. One cannot expect a supplier to sell products at a fixed pricing for a long duration. In current business scenario, frequent changes in product pricing are a given. Hence opting for PunchOut has now become a necessity for almost all suppliers.

What are the Key Features of Web Quotation Software?

Key Features of Web Quotation Software

When you are using a web quotation software, you simply require an Internet connection to your device to create some of the most complicated quotes. Moreover, you get the opportunity to completely eliminate capital expenditure costs as access to Internet is all that is needed to use the software tool. This is one of the main reasons why web-based tools are preferred to on-premise ones.

Following are some of the key functionalities included in web quoting tools:

Mobile Quoting App

Almost all companies selling this Online sales quoting tool have also designed a mobile quoting app. This means now you can use your smart phones to handle your quoting. Using your tablets and smartphones, you can access inventory and pricing information in real time to create quotes at any time regardless of your location. In simple words, it will enable you to run your business effortlessly through your mobile devices.

Ability to Add Upsell and Cross-sell Suggestions to the Quote

Another advantage of using this tool is that it gives you a good opportunity to increase order value and revenue. While you are creating a quote, you can include appropriate cross-sell and upsell products in the quote. In some cases, these additional products are automatically added during quote generation. So when you are creating a quote, the tool will recommend a product in a popup, which can then be added in a quote.

Automatic Tax Calculations

Every time you create a quote for your customer, you really don’t have to worry about taxes or discounts applicable to that transaction. This is because, once you have setup all the rules and configured the Web quotation software as per customer’s requirements, taxes and discounts are automatically taken into consideration while creating a quote. For instance, in Canada EHF (a type of tax) is applicable for every electronic product sold to consumers. So quoting tools can be configured to include EHF while creating a quote.

Simplify Work and Boost Sales using Sales Quoting Software

Sales Quoting Software

If you want to improve your overall quoting efficiency and grow your business, it is time to use a quoting tool. It is an excellent investment as the time and money saved in the sales process will definitely help to increase business revenue. So there is little doubt that use of quoting tool will have immense contribution to your business. The Quoting tool can be used by manufacturers, distributors and resellers who have to handle large volume of quote requests.

Sales quoting software will enable you to simplify and standardize procedure of Quote creation. You will be in a position to manage all Quote activities from a single location. No using multiple Spreadsheets to handle quote activities. Moreover, since these software tools are cloud-based, they offer plenty of advantages to businesses of all sizes. Quick deployment and ease of integration are the key benefits of using this tool. These web-based tools can be up and running in a very short period of time. Also, these tools can be easily integrated with your existing systems, which can help to streamline your business.

Once your team starts using Online quoting system, the outcome will be simply extraordinary.  Your sales reps will build and deliver quotes in a very short duration of time. So for easier and faster quotes, a software solution that automates the process is the need of the hour. Moreover, your sales reps generate error free quotes that can result in substantial cost savings. Customer satisfaction is also guaranteed as you send attractive, professionally looking quotes in minutes.

Sales quoting tools available today are easy to understand and use, have an intuitive interface, hence can be easily incorporated into your business. No matter how complex your quoting requirement is, you can rely on these tools to create quotes quickly.

Why to Make your Website PunchOut Ready?

Website PunchOut Ready.jpg

As a supplier, if you are offering PunchOut capabilities, it can work wonders to boost your business. Whether it is a Fortune 500 Company, an Educational institution or a State government, having a PunchOut-ready website is the key to win these buyers. The chances of doing business with large customers significantly increases when you make your website a PunchOut-enabled site. In fact, incorporating this technology gives you the confidence to deal with big prospects.

As we all know, a PunchOut catalog simplifies the way B2B customers interact with their suppliers. This is because, it provides a direct connection between the customer’s procurement system and the supplier’s site. So once the customer logs into his procurement application, a single click on the PunchOut link gives the customer direct access to his contract catalog.

Also, a PunchOut mechanism works differently than a normal checkout process. So after the customer adds products to the shopping cart and clicks the checkout button, the cart comes back to the procurement application. It does not follow the traditional checkout process wherein the total price of the order is calculated.

Once in the procurement application, the shopping cart is sent for approval. This is an important step in B2B business transactions as the procurement manager has no authority to approve the shopping cart. The Cart will be either accepted or rejected depending upon the total amount and product quantity in the Shopping cart. If it is accepted, a purchase order (PO) will be generated and sent to the supplier, thereby requesting fulfillment of the order at the earliest.

Also, a PunchOut catalog solution is a superior alternative to CIF catalog. From offering real time product information to simplifying the process of updating product catalog, to creating a user friendly buying experience, a PunchOut mechanism is a win/win situation for both the customer and the supplier.

Make your Quoting Process Effortless with Online Sales Quoting Software


Creating and managing sales quotes has never been so easy before with online quoting tools. These tools will enable you to transform your business into a sales machine. These tools provide everything you need to run your quoting process successfully. Now, winning new business has become simpler with online quoting. Send attractive, professional quotes in a matter of minutes.

You can now create quotes at the earliest from anywhere as long as your device is Internet-enabled. No longer relying on desktop computers for quote management. Depending upon the inventory and pricing information that has been setup in the software tool for that specific customer, you can create some of the most comprehensive quotes using your smartphones. Internet enabled mobile devices allow you to create quotes on the spot.

Online sales quoting tools come with a range of quoting templates that can be easily customized as per your needs. This means you can always add company logo and other details to give a customized look and feel to the Quote. While creating a quote, you can also add your terms and conditions of doing business with you. On the whole, you have the option to customize the quote, the way you want to meet your needs.

Moreover, you can easily find the status of quotes online. For instance, once a quote has been sent to the customer, you can easily find out whether a quote has been viewed or not. Apart from this, you can easily check whether the customer has rejected or accepted the quote. In case the customer wants some changes in the quote, he has the option to make a comment on the quote.Also, many Web quotations software tools come with multicurrency pricing plan. So if you have customers from countries other than United States and Canada, it is possible to create quotes in another currency.

Mobile Sales Quoting App – The Key to Improve Sales


Do you want to bring more business into your organization? Well, the first thing you have to do is to speed up the quoting process. You might say that using a sales quoting software will help to achieve the desired result. Not necessarily. These tools confine your quoting activity within the 4 walls of the Office. Going to the Office becomes mandatory whenever you have to fulfill a quote request. Using the Best mobile sales quoting app is the answer to speed up the process.

With these quoting apps, you can deliver realistic quotes easily and quickly. ‘Ease of use’ is the biggest advantage as now any quote no matter how complex, can be created using mobile devices. Create online quotes instantly using your smartphones and tablets. The app gives you the golden opportunity to accelerate your sales process as now you can create quotes anytime from anywhere. You are no longer dependent on time or place for your quoting activity.

The tool comes with a built-in product catalog software, which allows you to search the catalog on the go. Product catalog information from multiple distributors is directly accessible through mobile devices. In other words, the inventory coming from all distributors is visible on the go. So whether you are using an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Tab, it does not matter for quote management. This mobile version is a boon for sales reps who are always on the run.

Moreover, any quote created on the desktop can be easily viewed on mobile device by an outside sales rep. On the whole, whenever you a choosing a Sales quoting software, make sure it offers a mobile extension. The mobile application will simplify your quoting process. Plus the online signature feature associated with this mobile version ensures that your approval rate dramatically increases, in turn contributing to increase sales.