Boost Your Sales and Productivity using CRM Software

Smartphone - Global Communication ConceptStarting an Online ecommerce store will definitely help to increase sales but if you integrate your online platform with CRM, it will help you to anticipate your customers’ needs. This in turn will enable you to provide better customer service, which may further improve your company’s sales performance.

Here’s how a CRM software can benefit your business:

You Provide Higher Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is paramount for any business to succeed. It helps to generate greater returns and increases profitability. This is what you can achieve using this software tool. With CRM software, you can get deep insights into customer’s needs. You are able to know your customers better in terms of their product choices and preferences. As a result, you are able to work efficiently and provide better services to meet their needs.

Using CRM data you are able to provide customers something beyond what is expected. This results in greater customer satisfaction, which in turn will boost repurchasing behavior and increase sales. Moreover, customer gives positive feedback about your company. Indirectly, there is positive word-of-mouth advertising about your business, which can make it easier for you to acquire new customers and grow business.

You Build More Effective Marketing Campaigns

The key to better marketing campaign is to identify and target potential buyers. With CRM software for small business providing information about customer buying behavior, you are able to figure out opportunity for potential sale. The information that you get from CRM will enable you to identify the customers that bring you the most revenue.

The Best CRM system for small business will help you to do more focused targeting and generate more conversions. It will allow you to fine tune your marketing strategies so as to get a better response from your efforts. Moreover with this software tool, you can also identify your top performing email campaigns. Depending upon your analysis, you can reuse and recycle campaigns that were found to be most effective.


Reasons Why you Should Use a Cloud-based CRM System

Analyst Working on LaptopYou Save Money

In today’s times, many organizations are using the Best web-based CRM software solutions, the main reason being lower upfront cost. Cloud-based CRM tools are managed by service providers at their end. Hence as a user, you don’t have to really worry about the expenses associated with hardware or server maintenance. You have only pay a fixed monthly price in order to use the software. With no equipment on-site, use of cloud-based CRM often leads to significant cost savings.

Automatic Updates

Say good-bye to tedious reinstallation when you embrace cloud-based Best CRM system for small business. Since your requirements are evolving, you might want to add new features to your CRM for customization. This can be done easily as changes can be sent automatically via Internet from the service provider’s server.

Installation is as easy as Plug and Play

With an online CRM tool, you don’t have to spend enormous amount of time in getting your software installed. Since the software is already available on the Internet, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps to access the application online. Simpler installation and maintenance is an important benefit of cloud CRM.

Conduct Business Faster

An online CRM software tool can give a major boost to your productivity. Online availability means you can manage your CRM data on the run. As a sales rep, you are no longer tied to office building in order to access CRM data. So now you can connect your device (laptops, smartphones, tablets) to Internet and access CRM data on the go.

You can manage your customer relationships irrespective of whether you are in or out of the office. It gives you the flexibility to monitor your CRM data from the phone. This can certainly help to get their work done faster and more effectively irrespective of their location. With sales reps travelling frequently, a mobile CRM is the ideal solution that will ensure a high level of productivity for such employees who are always on the move.



Incorporate CRM System into your Business to keep your Customers Happy

22 mbWhen it comes to keeping track of your customer interactions, you can always rely on a CRM software tool. Organizations commonly use this software product for client communication. Investing in a CRM system for small business or large enterprise is sure to have a positive impact on customer service. The tool gives deep insights into customer behavior from one place, which can be useful in understanding what changes in your products and services have to be done in order to improve customer satisfaction.

Understanding customer needs is one of the main reason why CRM software is used by small and large businesses. Using the tool, you can collect information related to their concerns/issues and wants. Many organizations integrate customer surveys into their CRM to find out the level of satisfaction and the factors impacting it.

This sort of customer feedback is extremely valuable for any organization. A CRM tool can help you to centralize this data so that it can be accessed by everyone in the organization. This will help your organization to identify how you have met their expectations and what customizations can be implemented in order meet their requirements. In short, it will assist to take data driven decisions that help to strengthen customer relationships.

Managing client data becomes much simpler when you use CRM software. You can view customer messages (feedback) that are sent directly to every account, thereby giving you the opportunity to respond in a timely manner. Quick response, as you know, can leave a lasting impact on customers and make them happy.

You can also leverage customer data stored in the system to send personal messages such as Birthday card or special offers. These personal touches make the customer feel valued and special, which can also help to increase loyalty.

On the whole, a CRM system will help you to organize, view, and edit customer data at one place in the most efficient way. This will give improved understanding of their issues. Accordingly, you can enhance your service, which in turn can increase customer loyalty.

Can your Business Survive Without a Proposal Software?

Propsal Software

The answer to this question is a resounding ‘No’. Consider any successful VAR-related IT business and I am sure the CEO of that organization will tell you the importance of using proposal software. The point is when it comes to survival, you got to use technology that will make your business more streamline and profitable. Automation is the key to bring efficiency into your business operations and moreover will help to increase productivity of your staff and enable you to stay ahead of the competition.

A proposal software is something you can trust to streamline and automate your sales process. No matter how sophisticated your solution is, if your sales process is not dynamic and evolving, there is little possibility that your business will grow. A proposal software is an automated tool that can allow you to create effective proposals effortlessly. So using this software could be one of the best business practices to survive in today’s competitive environment.

Reasons behind Advocating Use of Proposal Software

  • Create Proposals with little Effort

Let’s face it; Writing and submitting proposals manually is extremely time consuming. This can always be avoided with Proposal Software that provides a quick and easy way to create proposals. The time spent on creating a proposal will reduce drastically using the software. It will save your hours in getting proposals ready for your customers. So instead of hours, you would spend minutes in generating proposals. In fact, your clients would be surprised about how fast you are submitting proposals to them. Clients don’t have to wait for long (which is what every customer is looking for) to receive a proposal.

  • Grab Prospects’ Attention

Proposals that are created using the software are sure to grab and hold the customers’ attention. This is because the software helps to generate attractive and visually engaging proposals. In short, the software also takes care of visual aspect of the proposal, which is equally important to generate interest of the customer in the proposal.

  • Get Higher Price

Consider this; you might be an expert in developing E-commerce Platform for your customers but if you are unable to create a good impression at the time of submitting proposals, don’t expect clients to pay a good price for your expertise. So if the proposals are not professionally presented, your prospect might not be willing to close the deal, despite having good credentials. To resolve this issue, you got to use the proposal software. The software allows you to produce highly attractive proposals that can help attract more customers and close more sales at higher prices. The professional-looking proposals created by the software are sure to attract more clients. Moreover, the software will help convince your customer that the solution you are providing is best to suit his needs. The software also has an eCommerce proposal template that can be customized as per the client requirements.

Mobile Quoting Apps: Solution to thrive your business

Quoting is an essential Sales activity of any organization which takes up almost 32% of the sales bandwidth, however not much has been done in this space for a very long time. There are a lot of companies that still uses the Excel spreadsheets for their day to day quoting needs. There are a few more that uses some ad hoc desktop based or cloud based applications. However “Quoting” is such an important function that requires to be given strategic importance in any business decisions.

Traditionally Sales people would use either Excel spreadsheets or some online or offline quoting tools. While having such technology is definitely better then ad hoc quoting, however they do come with their own share of limitations such as:

  • Have to be in office to prepare the quotation.
  • Sales People are traveling heavily and hence there are delays in producing quotes.
  • No central repository of information to access from anywhere.
  • Lost sales due to delays in providing the quote.
  • Long process to create a quoting.

In the last few years there have been some improvements that has made Sales person’s job a lot better. The wave of mobile devices has become essential for organizations to use them to their fullest potential. Also, the emergence of Cloud has become vital to gain success. The organizations that have capitalized on these particular areas have seen huge success. Now with a basic internet connection the salesmen are able to access their work place from anywhere and anytime of the day.

Many traditional quoting solution providers are now also providing their software as a mobile application. Today, the Mobile Quoting Apps are so accurate and efficient that a brilliant quoting for your customers can be prepared within a minute’s time even when you are holidaying with your family on a beach. It has some distinct advantages that every sales person can vouch for.

Features of a good Mobile Quoting Tool would involve:

  • Instant Quoting: We live in a not-so-patient society. Most of us want the product immediately. The Mobile Quoting App has taken the “wait” out. When a customer requests for the quotation of a product, the Mobile App’s proposal software and Sales Quoting Tools will help you to create a quotation easily in just couple of minutes.
  • Interactivity: The most important fact is that you have the visibility of your business on the mobile’s home screen. Getting to your desktop can take time, but it takes a second to launch a Mobile App on your phone. This leads to great flexibility in working – for example, enabling home working, or working while traveling.
  • Time-Management: The sales representatives who are traveling most of the time can benefit through Mobile Quoting Tool/App by simply logging into their smart phones. Create a professional and competent quoting while standing at airport so that your customers do not have to wait until you reach your desktop. It shrinks the cycle of closing the sales.
  • Quick user response: Once the quotation is accepted by the customer, a notification would be sent which you can check on your Mobile App and revert back to your customer. In case the changes are required it could be done by Salesmen right away for customer’s better experience. Now days, RFQ and RFP could be dealt immediately by the new Mobile Quoting Tool/App.
  • Cloud computing: How powerful would you feel if you’re carrying a world of information in your mobile phone? The cloud computing is getting popular by each day due to its accessibility and flexibility. It allows you to work from any part of their world as long as you have access to a normal internet connection and control the quoting.

As Forbes contributor Christine Crandell writes, “In the eyes of a buyer, pricing a purchase should be easy and quick.”

Today the case studies have revealed that if you’re able to produce a quotation to your customer right away, it hikes your chance by 63% to win that deal. Mobile quoting is no longer a luxury, but a must have App to ensure that you’re leading the competition.

5 Automation Tools That Every Reseller Must Use

Over the past few years, the resellers have emerged as the holistic solution providers, rather than only product sellers.  As they continue to expand their product and services portfolio, it also opens doors for new sales opportunities.  But, what else follows is a cut throat competition, a dynamic market and high customer expectations.  Consequently, resellers are struggling to sustain on razor thin margins, coupled with the challenges to increase efficiency and remain a differentiator from the herd.

Right from preparing a Sales Quote  to shipping the product, there are several touch points in a typical sales process. If you are still relying on spreadsheets or stand alone tools,  it is quite likely that:

  • You are committing human errors at the touch points.
  • You are missing out on leveraging new sales opportunities.
  • You are losing your revenue and repeat business.
  • You are not focusing on servicing your customers.

How do you plan to survive, let alone thrive in the VAR industry in such a scenario? Well, automation is the solution. Automation can consolidate all manual touch points; speed up your sales process; optimize your resources and ensure a complete visibility and control over the entire value chain.

Here are five automation tools that every reseller must have in his kitty.

  1. E-commerce

An e-commerce store can build your brand visibility and open up new markets for you.  It will act as a 24/7 powerful web interface for you and your customers because of its multi-vendor functionality features. The price book, inventory, quote, order fulfillment and shipment – all processes are automated.  It will also generate upsell and cross sell suggestions to the buyers, thereby increasing chances to earn more revenue.  The scope of human intervention is almost negligible, and entire process follows a methodical route, thereby reducing your overall costs. Additionally, you can pull out precanned reports on your transactions and traffic, to study consumer behaviour and also to monitor your processes.

  1. Quoting Tool

Ms-Word, Ms-Excel – is that what your sales reps still use to generate quotes? Well, it’s about time you switch to a web based sales quoting tools . It will not only generate sophisticated and accurate quotes, but also improve the productivity of your sales team and shorten the sales cycle. Further, an automated quoting tool can be easily integrated with CRM, accounting and other business applications, in order to access data across different functions conveniently.  The sales rep can fetch real time prices and availability from multiple distributors; and create customizable quotes quickly for the customers. In fact, you can even accept online payments from your customers through an electronic signature!

  1. Catalog Aggregation

Thousands of existing products, new product additions, new features, constantly changing prices and multiple distributors – a sales rep can spend hours on his desk, trying to figure out the right product-price combination for the customer. But, not if he is using an aggregated Catalog , which can be mapped to all distributors and suppliers to fetch real time and tailor made information for every customer on his fingertips. It is also possible to build custom catalog, contract catalog management, bundles and standards in your aggregated Catalog to offer a versatile price list to the customers.

  1. Mobile Quoting App

The mobile technology has picked up its pace in the VAR market too, and customers are literally expecting quoting solutions on the go.  Equipping your sales reps with a mobile quoting application on their smart phones or tablets is similar to handing them over a digital briefcase.  It will give them real time information anywhere, anytime; generate customized quotes for viewing and acceptance from customers via emails; and get on the spot approvals and payments.  Do you already see a happier sales team and a shortened sales cycle?

  1. Marketing

The advent of technology and emergence of big data has taken marketing to the new heights. It was only a matter of time, that the marketing process too gets automated for achieving better results and measure the real time ROI on your investments.  An e-marketing module can serve as a one stop tool, which can manage and integrate all your marketing activity – promotional campaigns, SEO & SMO optimization, email marketing, multi-channel selling, landing page creation and web analytics.

With the above tools, resellers can reduce the number of manual processes; lower the upfront and hidden costs; deploy the sales force optimally; and focus on the relationships with the customers, suppliers and distributors. To sum it up, these tools will empower the resellers to sustain as well as excel profitably amidst the stiff competition in the market.

Why We Love Sales Process Automation (And You Should Too!)

Let’s begin with some statistics.

  1. According to a 2014 CSO Insights study on sales performance optimization, it was found that salespeople spend a majority of their day performing administrative and account management duties and only 37% of their time actually selling.
  1. The average sales cycle showed an increase of 22% over the last five years.
  1. According to Bulldog Solutions, companies that invest in marketing automation solutions see 70% faster sales cycle times and 54% improvement in quota achievement.

What do these figures tell you? While the first and second order talk about the lost business opportunities, the third one shows a solution to leverage on these opportunities.

Humans err, and so do your sales people. It would take only a superhuman sales rep to remember every contact, appointment, conversation or deadline. Hence, what your business needs is a sales enablement tool, which not only automates and streamlines the sales process, but also enhances the productivity of your sales team and drives revenue for your enterprise.  That’s the power of implementing technology in your sales process!

Sales process automation reduces the number of opportune hours, days or even months, which are usually lost to ineffective or piecemeal communication with the customers in a typical sales process. Right from establishing an initial contact with the customers to closing the deal, sales process automation manages and integrates all phases of the sales process.

Here is a quick overview of the benefits of syncing your sales process with automation.

  1. Catalog Management

When you are selling millions of products, it is practically a mammoth task to manually maintain information on every product, category, supplier and distributor. Add to this the varying product taxonomy furnished by each manufacturer! However, with catalog management, your sales reps can manage the entire product catalog electronically. They can view, compare, research or cross – reference all products, prices and inventory at their fingertips in one single window.

  1. Customer & Contact Maintenance

Just like a single aggregated catalog, automation can also create a one stop repository of all your customers and contacts. The customer’s contact information, appointments, interactions and follow-ups can be easily viewed and maintained.

  1. Rich Content

Images, descriptions, tech specification, 3D views, instructions, comparisons  –  your sales reps can impress your customers with an interactive and information rich content, all thanks to an automated catalog.

  1. CRM, PSA, Accounting & ERP Integration

Let’s say you already automated your accounting or customer relationship systems in place. Or that ERP is already up and running well in your organization. But may we ask if all these systems are stand alone ones or fully integrated? Integration refers to 100% automation and consolidation of all your business processes and systems. For example, when your sales rep creates a new contact in CRM system, people working on ERP or Accounting software should get a real time update too, without needing to make a duplicate entry. This way, not only there is a smooth, standard workflow between all processes, but there is also a full visibility to rectify errors, if any.

  1. Quote Template

As soon as the customer expresses an interest, the first thing that a sales rep does is to prepare a quote. And the faster he prepares and sends the quote, the more are the chances of  a deal closure. The quote templates embedded in sales quoting software can assist sales reps to create quick, professional and accurate quotes within no time. A proposal software equips them with every piece of information that is necessary to improve the win rate.

  1. Sourcing & Procurement

Can you ensure that your sales quote offers you the highest possible margin? Yes, you can, after you have streamlined and automated your sales process. While preparing a quote, you can be rest assured that you are getting real time distributor feeds with respect to price and inventory. Once that is taken care of and the customer has approved your quote, all your sales rep has to do is to key in few buttons. Voila, next thing you know, the quote has been converted into an order and the product is ready to be shipped to the customer!

  1. Tax, Shipping & Freight Calculations

Varying rates of tax, shipping and freight slabs in different countries can add to the woes of sales reps while preparing a quote. But, an automated set up can generate accurate rates within seconds. Even, when there is a change in either of these rates, the system will give a real time update. No more manual and time consuming calculations!

  1. Payment Gateway Integration

With a vast array of payment options (credit, debit, check, mobile, EBT, FSA) and card brands (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, PayPal) available to the customers, automation can ensure a safe and real-time payment solution. Your sales rep can ensure a quick collection of payment, and avoid frequent follow-ups with the customers.

  1. E commerce & Mobile

When B2B customers migrate online, average value order is reported to increase by 44%. E-commerce and mobile are two trending sales channels, not yet tapped by the resellers to its maximum potential to grow the business. Showcasing your products on an e-storefront will help you to micro-target your customers; simplify your sales process; and let your sales reps focus more on customer relationship.

  1. Reports & Analytics

Since your entire sales process is integrated with other business systems and applications, you can pull out real-time and adhoc reports anytime for any function. Whether you want to scan through the performance of your sales team; review sales status & progress; measure the distributor or category wise sales; or get the minutest analytics of your online traffic, sales automation can generate accurate reports for you to analyze; forecast sales; and decide on a future course of action for your business.

  1. Data Security

Automation helps your sales reps in sharing data remotely and on the go. But that doesn’t mean that you have to worry about the security of your data. The automated tools are preloaded with security tools and other security checks at various levels. This way, you can assign admin controls and workflow approvals appropriately.

Sales process automation equips the salesforce with insight driven approach and also, adds value to customer engagement.

How about  the sales process in your business, it is already automated? If not, think about it!