Make your Website PunchOut Ready and get more B2B Customers

pexels-photo-89724Want to make the purchasing process of your B2B buyers painless? Want to connect with your large customers in a better way? Well, the first thing that you need to do is make your website PunchOut ready. SAP and OCI are the popular providers of PunchOut functionality. You can use either SAP or OCI PunchOut catalog to make your website PunchOut enabled.

Customers with bigger contracts are looking for greater convenience and efficiency when it comes to purchasing products from their vendors. This can be achieved easily by using PunchOut, a protocol that simplifies online catalog shopping of big customers. The catalog content from the procurement system can be accessed with a single click without entering login credentials (username and password). In short, it gives buyers a single point of entry to their catalog content.

PunchOut catalog provides a convenient interface wherein the customer gets direct access to his own Contract catalog with pre-approved products and pricing. This eliminates the burden of searching supplier’s entire catalog. So the purchase order created by the customers will always contain products with contract pricing. This reduces purchase order revisions, thereby improving efficiency in the ordering process.

As a vendor, you can give access to latest content and pricing to your B2B buyer. You are able to provide accurate information to your buyers. This ensures there are no pricing errors in purchase orders created by your buyer. You no longer have to handle same order twice on account of errors, in turn saving your time and unnecessary costs.

Moreover vendors offering OCI or SAP PunchOut are able to automate their customer’s approval process. Neither the vendor nor the customers are involved in printing, scanning & faxing the orders. The customer only has to send a notification alert through their procurement system in order to confirm the quotes. This helps to speed up the ordering process considerably.


Actionable Lead-Generation Tips for your Ecommerce Site

10caddy-161016_960_720It is obvious that if you want to get more leads and generate more online business, you need to optimize your Ecommerce platform. To turn your website into lead generation machine, ensure that the site has a straightforward design, is user friendly and a good information source for your visitors.

Here’s what you need to do to optimize your site:

Optimize your Home Page

Irrespective of whether you are using B2C or B2B ecommerce platform, if your homepage is not well-designed, it is sure to drive away visitors. With homepage getting majority of traffic (more than 50% of all visitor traffic), one simply cannot afford to keep the homepage crowded and confusing.

A welcoming site with a memorable navigation experience can work wonders to maximize your lead generation efforts. You need to organize your product images into categories, which makes it easier to understand and moreover it simplifies the searching process.

Focused Call-to-Action (CTA)

As we all know, calls to actions (CTAs) are often used for lead generation. However, if you personalize your CTA, depending upon your visitor’s past purchases it can certainly help to get more leads. So dynamic content and on-page personalization is the key to attract leads and improve conversions.

Also, you can place multiple CTAs at various locations of your site such as side bar and right above the comments. This too can greatly enhance results. So you might have designed you site from the best Online ecommerce solution provider but you simply cannot ignore the importance of crafting a personalized CTA for each page on your site.

Easy Signup Form

Making signup difficult will surely turn your visitors away. On the other hand, keeping the signup forms easy can substantially increase signups. Short signup forms wherein you ask the visitor to enter minimum information quickly, connect with people and generate more leads.

Update Content Frequently

By updating relevant content frequently in the form of blogs, press releases etc., you improve the rankings of your site. Since you are able to improve the visibility of your site in Google and other search engines, which in turn increases traffic and bring leads to your site.


Must-have Features in a CPQ Software


A CPQ tool comes into picture when you have complex items to sell. The tool has been designed to efficiently handle complex sales cycle. Putting together a quote that requires configuring products and bundles is a time consuming activity but with this software tool, it takes only a few minutes to complete the task.

If your sales process involves quoting complex products, make sure your Configure price quote solution has the following features:

Available on Cloud

If you want to eliminate costly support and IT maintenance cost, cloud-based CPQ software is the way to go. Cloud-based means the software is hosted through the Internet. So you can easily access and operate the software application on any computer that has Internet connectivity. Irrespective of your location, you would be able to create some of the most complex quotes online. Moreover, your customers too can confirm and approve the quotes online, thereby eliminating tedious faxing formalities. All this contributes in speeding up the sales cycle and improving the customer experience.

Accessible by Mobile Devices

Sales reps often have to travel long distances to meet their prospective customers. So when there is extensive traveling throughout the year, going for mobile-ready CPQ solution is recommended. This means, wherever you bring a mobile device such as smartphone, you get access and are able to operate the software. So whether they are at their desk or on the run, managing complex quoting requirements is never a problem. So a cloud-based mobile quoting software gives your reps the flexibility to sell faster and from anywhere.

Built-in Reporting Module

Many CPQ tools comes with built-in reporting features that allow you to create sales reports. Reporting module is a powerful data analysis tool that can help to evaluate the performances of your sales team. Depending upon the criteria you can generate various reports such as quote history reports, order history reports, forecasts reports and many more to evaluate productivity of your team. Know quotes that have closed and current quotes in the pipeline. Identify new trends and accordingly make changes in your business to create new opportunities.

Tips to Improve Conversion Rate of your Ecommerce Site

2 meStarting an Ecommerce platform is only half the battle, with driving consumers and increasing conversion rate the obvious challenge.  If your aim is to make your store visitors get converted into customers, it is pre-requisite to design a user-friendly website. From simplifying the checkout process to making it easier to find products, it is important that you provide a good shopping experience to your visitors.

Here are 3 suggests that you need to implement in order to increase conversions.

Include High Quality Product Images

Whether it is B2C or B2B ecommerce software, it really doesn’t matter if your site does not have good images. Product photography is an important component of ecommerce that simply cannot be ignored. Studies have also shown that from the sales point of view, bigger product images seem to work better irrespective of the product type.

Posting nicely shot product images from different angles allows the visitors to view the product closely. Choose high resolution images that accurately represent your products and moreover provide a variety of views. You can also add zoom feature for images on product page, which helps you to examine the image in finer detail. 

Include Pictures of Happy Customers

Including images of happy customers in your Online ecommerce solution can help to increase your customer’s trust in your products. These images act as recommendations from customers, a powerful marketing strategy to increase conversions. So apart from testimonials make sure to add images, which is sure to have a positive influence on potential customers.

Include Demo Video

Many times, it is not possible to write the features in product description. A product demo will give a better understanding of the product. It will help to explain the product in its totality. Demo videos show the product in action; provide an in-depth review of the product. All this can have a positive impact on buying decision, which may contribute to increase conversion rate.


Is PunchOut a Customized Website?

21 MARCHOften referred to as buyer specific catalog, a PunchOut website is a customized solution that is designed keeping the user’s requirements in mind. A PunchOut catalog that establishes a direct connection between the supplier’s website and the customer’s procurement system helps to ease the purchasing process.

Unlike the traditional way, the customer doesn’t have to login with his credentials to view the supplier’s website. A single click enables the customer to access the site. This feature automates the ordering process, with suppliers receiving purchase orders via email.

Every PunchOut catalog solution is unique and setup differently. It is customized in the sense that customers get to view products that fall under their contract agreement. So the contract catalog will have products that the customer is entitled to purchase.  It is a pre-approved contract, which will not contain products that the customer cannot order. The inventory as well as the pricing information in the catalog is as per the terms of contract agreement. So there is no question of purchasing products that violate contract policies.

A PeopleSoft PunchOut catalog offers a personalized shopping experience that is both seamless and memorable. With this website, the supplier can show relevant recommendations (upsell and cross-sell) as well as offer discounts that are targeted to that specific customer. The supplier can also do promotions that are also aimed at that particular shopper. So whatever offers and suggestions displayed on the site are unique, hence provide more customer engagement.

On the whole, a SciQuest PunchOut provides an easy way to access pre-negotiated contract catalog through procurement system. Moreover, it is personalized to each shopper, hence can help to boost brand loyalty and increase customer retention. So as a supplier if you want to woo large buyers, make sure that you sell products via PunchOut.

How Mobile Quoting Apps are Transforming Sales Quoting Process

45With the advent of Online quoting software, quoting process is no longer a time-taking job. Now creating a professional quote requires only a few minutes. However, one had to access a desktop or carry those heavy laptops in order to use the software tool. Sales reps who travel a lot, were looking for a more convenient way to handle their quoting process. This led to the development of mobile quoting apps that enable sales reps to access information on the go.

With mobile quoting apps, you get instant and constant connectivity to your business on the run. This is because smartphones that are much easier to carry and use, can now be helpful in preparing quotes. So whether you have a Xiaomi Redmi Note, Sony Xperia Z5 or Apple iPad, the quoting software solution is available through all mobile devices. Now search your catalog, select the products and add them into the quote using your mobile devices.

Thanks to mobile Web quoting apps, going to the office and sitting in front of the desktop to create quotes is slowly becoming a thing of the past. With these apps, sales quoting process is now more streamlined and efficient. You can now fulfill quote requests on the run.

You can expect better performance from your sales team with these Sales quotation software apps. Managing your quoting process on the run takes convenience to altogether new level. With Internet connectivity to your mobile device, you can literally create and send quotes anytime, from anywhere. So you can do the quoting work, irrespective of your time and location. With the business platform itself being mobile, it can give a major boost to your sales team’s productivity.

With these apps, closing deals has never become so fast before. You can create quotes then and there, no matter where your current location is. This gives you a competitive edge as you don’t have to be on your desk and can send the quote on the fly.

Improving Ecommerce Sales through different Distribution Channels

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, launching an ecommerce site is simply not enough to expand your business. It is imperative to think beyond your ecommerce site if you want to increase the visibility of your online products and improve ecommerce sales. This is because your website alone cannot reach the entire target market. So apart from selling products from your website, following are the different distribution channels that you should look for in order to grow your business:

Distribution Channels to Boost Ecommerce Sales

Online Marketplaces:

Taking the help of third-party marketplace channels is one of the best ways to extend the reach of your online sales. Studies show that eBay and Amazon dominate the online market space. Selling your products on these two biggest marketplaces can definitely help you to make substantial amount of profit. So start selling through these online companies and stop worrying about your business. You can rely on these two most dominant marketplaces as your source of customers. In order to increase the chances of sale on these marketplaces, make sure your product comes with a detailed product description, relevant image, and is backed by positive customer feedback and success stories.

Social Media:

Social media platform is another distributor channel that can contribute to improve ecommerce sales. You can reach out to more prospective clients and raise awareness about your ecommerce website through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can also use social media like Youtube to your benefit and drive more customers to your ecommerce website. For instance, you can advertise your video on Youtube to promote your products. If you are offering any special discounts for a limited period of time, they can also be advertised on social media to get the most out of your discount sales.


Content distribution channels like blogs can also work wonders to promote your business.  You can write blogs to market your business to target your audience. With blogs, you can discuss in detail about the product. Regularly updating your blogs with relevant keywords will make your content search engine friendly, thereby helping to increase traffic, generate leads, and create a positive impact about your website.

You can also use emails to keep your customers informed about your latest blog posts. So whenever you publish a new blog, just notify it to the customer through emails. The email should contain a link that redirects customers to your blog. This way you deliver your high quality content directly to your customers.

Physical Store:

It is observed that 92% of retailers do their business online, yet maintaining a physical store can help to target your customers’ expectations. For instance, a physical store will help to target those looking for an in-person customer experience. It can be a perfect complement to your online store. For certain products, customers want face-to-face interaction with store employees. They want to physically touch the product before purchasing it. With a physical store, you can give enhanced customer interaction with store employees, thereby increasing the chances of sale.

Also those who are unware of your ecommerce site, can be given a brief summary of your ecommerce business when they enter your physical store. This too can work to promote your ecommerce business. Also any product not available in the physical store can be easily purchased from your ecommerce store, thereby keeping your customers happy and satisfied, which is critical for long-term business success

So, when it comes to increasing ecommerce revenue at a much faster pace, you can rely on these aforementioned distribution channels that have the potential to bring new customers and impact sales volumes.