Be Quick and Efficient with Sales Quoting Software


Create Quotes Faster

No longer spending time in creating quotes containing bundles and configuration. Now quoting tools simplify the process to such an extent that some of the most complex of quotes can be created in minutes. No longer customers have to wait to receive a quote of a customized product. You are able to generate quotes faster, which ultimately leads to more business.

Impress your Customers

Sales quoting software has a range of professional quoting templates to choose from. This means you can send professional looking quotes to customers, which can create a positive impact about your company. With these tools at your disposal, you can create quotes that are neatly formatted, thereby increasing the chances of winning the deal.

Quoting Accuracy Guaranteed

Margin-cutting prices occur unknowingly when quoting manually. This is because accuracy is often compromised with manual method of quoting. Pricing errors often occur while quoting, which erodes your profit margins. However, now, you can protect your margins using this software tool as it allows you to create quotes accurately. You are able to predefine your margins within the Quoting system, hence profits are assured even in the worst case scenario.

Fully Compliant with Terms and Conditions

Your terms and conditions are automatically added when you create a quote using this sales quoting tool. All your legal requirements are included while creating a quote. No need for copy-pasting your terms and conditions whenever creating a Quote.

Accessible Via the Internet

Quoting software tools available today require no installation into your personal computer. You neither have to maintain any network infrastructure into your office premises to run this software. This is because these tools are cloud-based thereby allowing you to access the software using an Internet connection. The Online quoting system is accessible via any Internet enabled device including laptops, tablets and smartphones.

On the whole, with quoting tools, as soon as you receive a request for quote, you can quickly create a quote keeping in mind all the factors involved in the quoting process.


What is Integration Framework and why to Use it


Integration framework provides a way for different software applications to communicate with each other. It ensures that data exchange between systems is smooth and efficient. So whether you have to integrate applications located within the enterprise or connect with third-party applications, using an integration framework is often recommended. Without the need to do extensive programming, Integration framework helps to integrate different software products effortlessly.

In today’s times, any business organization, be it small or big cannot flourish unless it integrates its existing applications to ensure smooth flow of data throughout the organization. For instance, if MSPs want to manage their service activities in a more efficient manner, Autotask integration with existing business system is recommended. An integration framework will ensure fast and highly customized integration of existing systems. Using Autotask as a standalone system will actually complicate matter.

Many online startups after a few years in business, want to use ConnectWise to handle their processes more efficiently. In such circumstances, an integration framework that comes with predefined integration content will simplify ConnectWise integration with ecommerce storefront.

There are quite a few organizations who find it difficult to manage prospect and customer data without using an appropriate software tool, hence choose Microsoft Dynamics for better customer relationship management. This CRM tool has been the most cost effective solution as compared to Oracle. An integration framework that has applications to create and configure integration components will make it easier to implement Microsoft Dynamics  integration with their existing business systems.

On the whole, for complex integration projects using an integration framework is a must. It will surely help to reduce complexity and cost associated with integrating modules. Whether you want to implement unidirectional or bidirectional flow of data, export or import data in bulk, or enable PSA integration with QuickBooks, it can be easily achieved.

cXML PunchOut Vs. OCI PunchOut


As we all know, PunchOut is a protocol that has been designed to simplify the B2B ordering process. It establishes a direction connection between the procurement application and the supplier’s website. PunchOut provides plenty of benefits including direct access to Contract catalog without entering any login credentials. Although this functionality is popular, many users are still unaware about the difference between cXML PunchOut and OCI PunchOut.

cXML is an XML language created by Ariba to exchange business documents between Ariba procurement system and ecommerce platform. Even other procurement systems like SciQuest and Coupa use cXML messages to do business transactions with B2B ecommerce sites. No wonder in cXML PunchOut, standard business transactions are sent/received in cXML format.

When a customer clicks the PunchOut link to access his Contract catalog from the supplier’s site, a PunchOut request is sent in standard cXML format. Also, upon adding products into the shopping cart, it returns back to the procurement application in cXML format with the cXML header containing <To> and <From> elements.

On the other hand, OCI PunchOut is typically used by SAP systems while cXML PunchOut is typically for non-SAP users. So if you are using a SAP procurement system, then you will have no option but to use OCI format for communication with ecommerce site. This format defines the field mapping between the supplier’s catalog and SAP system. With OCI format, you really don’t have to worry about incorrect data transmission between the source and the receiver.

With cXML PunchOut, it is possible to give a customized error message to the user when server connection fails. There is no such provision in OCI PunchOut, hence the user will receive the typical HTTP 404 error, which indicates that the web page cannot be found.

On the whole, PunchOut catalog simplifies B2B business transactions using cXML and OCI connectivity. Depending upon your requirements, decide in what format, you want to conduct business transactions.

B2B Ecommerce Strategies to Improve Sales


Provide a Seamless Mobile Experience for B2B Customers

Mobile commerce is one of the fastest growing trends in the B2B segment. It is observed that considerable population now spends more time on their phones and tablets than on their desktops and laptops for purchasing online. In fact, with 60% of B2B buyers having reported that they used smartphones and tablets to make a recent purchase, it goes without saying that having a responsive B2B ecommerce store is critical to improve sales.

With traffic for online retailers increasingly coming from mobile devices, time has come to embrace B2B mobile ecommerce. So make sure the company that offers B2B ecommerce services makes responsive designs.

Upgrade your B2B Ecommerce Software

You simply cannot afford to use an outdated software as it will hinder growth of your B2B business. Ensuring that the software is upgraded, which will allow you to reap the benefits of latest technologies and maximize sales. For instance, instead of using a B2B omni-channel ecommerce platform, you should use a multichannel ecommerce platform.

Adopting a multi-channel ecommerce strategy is critical to improve sales. So if you are serious about improving your profit margins, it is time to sell your products on several channels. This is possible only when you use a multi-channel ecommerce software, which will enable you to reach more customers and provide greater exposure to your business.

Show Product Information in a Visually Appealing Manner

Some of the top B2B ecommerce platforms offer interactive product catalog, primarily to attract more customers. The key to improve sales is to optimize online shopping experience. This is what exactly you can achieve by embedding interactive catalogs into your website. The interactive catalog content is engaging and can work wonders to increase sales. There are several online catalog tools, which will allow you to create interactive content. Moreover, you can share this interactive catalog on social media and even send it in email to increase traffic to your online store.

How PunchOut Catalog will benefit B2B Ecommerce Retailers


As a B2B ecommerce retailer, the biggest concern that you face today is how to retain your large buyers. Also referred to as B2B customers, these buyers are a great source of revenue for their business. Losing these buyers means a great financial setback for the business. An easy way to retain these buyers would be to simplify the way they do business transactions with your ecommerce store.

Studies have shown that ecommerce retailers have won and retained some of their biggest B2G and B2B customers because they offer PunchOut, a functionality that eliminates the hassles of conventional purchasing process. It is a powerful technology that allows you to create a buying environment that exactly meet your customer’s specific needs. No wonder, many retailers who provide PunchOut have observed a significant increase in sales from their online store.

PunchOut catalog will allow your large buyers to view only those products that they are interested in purchasing. No unnecessary searching catalogs and browsing through thousands of products to locate the product. With PunchOut, customers will love the fact that they have direct access to a personalized catalog containing the products and categories they wanted. You offer a personalized, immersive shopping experience wherein customers can explore and connect to what they are looking for.

Offering Punch out catalogs, particularly when your competitors are unable to provide it, can be a major selling point as it gives a user-friendly shopping experience. It will not only help to retain your current customers but also make it easier to bring new customers on board. For a smooth and superior customer experience, you can always rely on PunchOut connection. As a retailer, you are also able to improve your response time to order fulfillment. Thus, you are able to improve client service, which can work wonders to increase sales and overall business revenue.

How to Select the Right CPQ Software


When you have to configure price and quote a complex product, you have to really work hard if you are doing it manually. A far superior alternative is to automate the process using a CPQ software that can work wonders to boost the productivity and efficiency of your sales team. However, various factors have to be taken into consideration when choosing this tool so that you don’t have to regret later.

3 Things to Consider when Selecting a CPQ tool.

Is it Affordable?

There are different versions of CPQ tools depending on the features they are offering. CPQ software usually comes in 3 versions: Standard, Professional and Premium. Usually the premium version is very expensive as it has numerous features. It doesn’t make sense to pay for features that you are not going to use. So first analyze your needs and accordingly choose one that best serves your business goals.

No Additional Cost

As your business grows, you will have to scale up your operations. In such circumstances, you will have to scale your Configure price quote software so that it can easily handle your increasing needs. So find out whether the CPQ provider is charging for scaling the software solutions. The initial low cost solution might turn to be expensive if the provider is charging to scale the software solution.


You are planning to use CPQ tool to simplify your configure price quote process. However, this very purpose will get defeated if you implement a CPQ tool that is not easy to understand and use. So make sure the software you choose does not make it difficult for your sales team to create some of the most complex quotes. In order to drive 100% user adoption, it is imperative that quote creation using the tool is incredibly simple. To be more precise, it should allow you to create quotes quickly and close bigger deals faster.

Automation – The Key to Simplify your Sales Quotation and Invoice Process


If your aim is to maximize your sales conversion rate, you need to focus on your quoting process. Quoting products manually is one of the biggest mistakes sales reps commit when fulfilling a request for quote. Manual quotation is not a feasible option today, since it is very time consuming and a sales rep has to really work hard in order to create a quote accurately. Time has come to work smartly by automating the quoting process using a software tool.

When you automate your Sales quotation process, you spend only a few minutes to respond to quote requests. Thus, reduction in quote response times is one of the biggest advantages of using quoting tools. Your sales reps will be in a position to fulfill quote request immediately, instead of hours. Keep in mind that selling and serving customers is the topmost priority of every VAR, which cannot be achieved if sales reps spend most of their time quoting manually.

The difference between winning and losing deals is how quickly you send accurate quotes to your customers. As response time is minimum and quotes are sent with 100% accuracy, one can definitely say that sales quoting software gives your sales reps the best shot at winning the sale.

Proposal creation process too got faster and easier with the right software tools. You eliminate costly errors and guarantee accuracy when using Sales proposal software. With this tool, your sales team can create beautifully designed proposals in significantly less amount of time.

Many quoting tools are also designed to handle the invoice process as well, thereby eliminating the need to use a separate accounting software. As we all know, an invoice is a receipt that signifies payment for products and services provided by seller. Simplify your invoice management process using an appropriate quoting software. Just a few clicks will allow you to create and send invoice to the buyer.