Features that make Sales Quoting Tool Highly Effective for Use

2 meUse any one of the Best online quoting tools and you will understand how easy it is to manage the quoting process. Features in these tools are designed in such a way that you can create quotes the way you want as per your requirements. Moreover their functionality is such that you face no issues connecting them to your business system.

Following are some of the important features of this quoting tool: 

Seamless Integration with Existing Software Platforms

Integration is critical for seamless flow of data between different systems. Sales quoting tools are designed to integrate effortlessly with your existing Business management solution, which eliminates tedious and repetitive data entry. This means the information that is entered in the software tool gets transferred to your existing business system in a single click. So you can create a powerful integration between Sales quoting software and your CRM, your ERP, which will ensure that data entry in quoting tool gets automatically updated in other systems.

Support for Multiple Templates

The Sales quoting software has an enormous library of predefined templates that you can choose to create your sales quotes. Moreover, you can always edit these templates so as to customize it as per your requirements. For instance, you can add logo, company details etc to the quote document.

You can also customize theme template so that it suits your business atmosphere. You can also increase readability by customizing font colors that stand out from the background. It is also possible to change font size that is large enough to be readable on both desktops and mobile devices.


The sales quoting tool dashboard is primarily designed to provide information about key customers at a glance. For instance, you can know how much revenue your key customers have generated till date from total orders in the current year. In short, it depicts the business performance by showing the number of quotes, carts, and orders generated by respective customers.


Must-have Features in a CPQ Software


A CPQ tool comes into picture when you have complex items to sell. The tool has been designed to efficiently handle complex sales cycle. Putting together a quote that requires configuring products and bundles is a time consuming activity but with this software tool, it takes only a few minutes to complete the task.

If your sales process involves quoting complex products, make sure your Configure price quote solution has the following features:

Available on Cloud

If you want to eliminate costly support and IT maintenance cost, cloud-based CPQ software is the way to go. Cloud-based means the software is hosted through the Internet. So you can easily access and operate the software application on any computer that has Internet connectivity. Irrespective of your location, you would be able to create some of the most complex quotes online. Moreover, your customers too can confirm and approve the quotes online, thereby eliminating tedious faxing formalities. All this contributes in speeding up the sales cycle and improving the customer experience.

Accessible by Mobile Devices

Sales reps often have to travel long distances to meet their prospective customers. So when there is extensive traveling throughout the year, going for mobile-ready CPQ solution is recommended. This means, wherever you bring a mobile device such as smartphone, you get access and are able to operate the software. So whether they are at their desk or on the run, managing complex quoting requirements is never a problem. So a cloud-based mobile quoting software gives your reps the flexibility to sell faster and from anywhere.

Built-in Reporting Module

Many CPQ tools comes with built-in reporting features that allow you to create sales reports. Reporting module is a powerful data analysis tool that can help to evaluate the performances of your sales team. Depending upon the criteria you can generate various reports such as quote history reports, order history reports, forecasts reports and many more to evaluate productivity of your team. Know quotes that have closed and current quotes in the pipeline. Identify new trends and accordingly make changes in your business to create new opportunities.